Message of Thaqalayn

A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies

Maintaining a Just Economy through Belief in the Hereafter

Abstract: Islam advises heedfulness to the hereafter, and urges humankind to turn away from attachment to this world. What is the outcome of this attitude, and how is it related to the development of societies? Referring to Qur’anic text, hadiths, and the conduct of religious leaders, this article expounds on the effect of Qur’anic belief in the hereafter on stabilizing a community in its economic development and social justice, as well as its spiritual condition. A definition of belief in the hereafter will be offered, along with its impact on man’s consumption and production, and reveals that – through belief in the hereafter – Islam paves the way for refraining from inappropriate economic behaviours in issues that commonly do not receive the attention of economic experts, such as justice, protecting the rights of the needy, and avoidance of a life of luxury.

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