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A Glimpse of Tafsir-e Nur: Verses 162-165 of Surah al-An'am

The Commentary of Light (Tafsir Nur) by Shaykh Muhsin Qara’ati is a written compilation of lectures over three decades of teaching. This commentary offers concise lessons from each verse of the Qur’an, featuring explanatory points and lessons; the explanatory points are brief itemized notes to help the readers attain a glossary understanding of the aforementioned verses, while the lessons delve deeper into the verse to illustrate a more thorough hermeneutic analysis of the concept. The verses chosen for this article are from the Chapter al-An’am - its theme about protesting against polytheism and inviting people towards monotheism.  The following is an exegesis of verses 162 to 165 of this chapter.


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