Message of Thaqalayn

A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies

Spiritual Journeying in the Words of Shi'a Msytics

In the Islamic mysticism and ethics, ‘wakefulness’ (yaqzah) is the first stage of journey to God and the first phase of spiritual journey. This is to awaken a person from negligence to pay heed to the path a person takes in life. One’s inattention to this significant matter and the continuation of his negligence leads to not remembering God and the hereafter, consequently leading him to attachment to this world, committing sins and being drawn away from the status he was created for. Hence, the seekers of salvation must awaken from the slumber of negligence through self-development. The best means of achieving this goal is the instructions given to us by great Shi’a mystic scholars who spent their lives achieving perfection and embarking on the spiritual journey to God. 



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