Message of Thaqalayn

A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies

Sincerity for the Sake of God

Having sincere intentions (ikhlaas) in performing deeds done only out of love for God and for the sake of His pleasure is imperative in the lives of the believers, to the extent that the quality of their deeds is judged by the amount of its sincerity.  Sincere intentions and deeds brings a person to the highest level of faith and nobility; to have ikhlaas is to avoid all wrong intentions that pollute a person’s thoughts and actions. This article addresses various aspects of sincerity as viewed in the Qur’an, Islamic traditions, and by Muslim scholars, as well as some of its signs and effects. Moreover, instructions on how to acquire and strengthen ikhlaas will also be stated, some of which steps include having true love for God, being certain about His oneness, yearning for what is with Him, controlling our desires.



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