Message of Thaqalayn

A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies

Imamah and Wilayah, Part VII

In Shi‘i Islam, it is necessary for a society to have a pious, knowledgeable, wise, and infallible guide who will lead the Muslim society after the Prophet’s death to present truth Islam. Having such a leader is a grace of God. While Part V of this series studied a group of verses that refer to the concept of witness in the Qur’an – who was none other than Imam Ali – together with his roles and merits, Part VI offered authentic hadiths that refer to the legitimacy of Imam Ali’s leadership, such as the Hadith of Manzilah, the Hadith of Wilaya, and the Hadith of Ghadir.  This last part focuses on the concept of wilayah, and specifically verses in the Qur’an that pertain to wilayah in legislation and creation.



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