Message of Thaqalayn

A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies

Spiritual Dimension of Mourning for Imam Husayn (a),Part I

Human beings are labouring towards their Lord and will eventually encounter Him. Once we struggle to eliminate the superficial aspects of this world we will be able to achieve the new life given to those who believe, purify themselves, and perform righteous deeds.  Given that the outcomes of our deeds count for very little in this long journey, God, with His infinite mercy, provided male and female role models who are on the straight path to assist people in purifying themselves to live a prosperous life and achieve eternal bliss. He also multiplies the righteous deeds of the faithful; our task is to learn how to use shortcuts to felicity presented by God. One of these shortcuts is enduring hardships which are a prerequisite for progress for spiritual elevation provided that they are accompanied with gratitude as opposed to complaining.  Another quick path is to share in Imam Husayn’s grief during the Battle of Karbala. This address offers the benefits people can derive from Imam Husayn’s sacrifices to preserve Islam by mourning over the magnitude of the event’s hardship. People are to love Imam Husayn by learning from his teachings and resembling him in his conduct. Since on the Day of Judgment, the Ahlul Bayt will enjoy the uppermost status everyone will wish to have, we also are given permission to reach that position by sharing in Imam Husayn’s hardship. 


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