Message of Thaqalayn

A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies

The Position of Lady Fatima (s) in the Verse of Mubahala from a Sunni perspective

The verse of Mubāhalah refers to the infallibility of the People of the Cloak (Aṣḥāb-e Kisā’) in speech and actions. This verse refers to the famous event of al-Mubahalah which took place in the year 10 A.H. against the Christians of Najran.  Both Shi‘a and Sunni scholars believe that there are traditions related by successive transmitters in which the Prophet (s) considered as attesters of his prophethood from amongst all Muslims. Imam Ali (a) was considered as ‘our souls’ (anfusanā), Lady Fatima (a) as ‘our women’ (nisā‘anā), and Imam Hasan (a) and Imam Husayn (a) as ‘our sons’ (abnā’anā).  Some Sunni scholars believe that this report is fully authentic, while others believe that it is accepted only by the majority. Traditions about Mubāhalah have been reported in 51 different ways and quoted from 37 major religious scholars. Although some Sunni scholars have questioned the issue, they have not proven to have reasonable roots.


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