Message of Thaqalayn

A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies

The Influence of the Character of Prophet Muhammad (s) on the Spread of Islam during the Meccan Period

After Prophet Muhammad’s first revelation, he managed to take major steps in spreading Islam.  This article discusses the role and personality of the Holy Prophet (s) during the early days of his mission. The type of research methodology employed in this paper is descriptive-analytic, and the historical data presented has been collected from first-hand sources. Some of the key strategies employed by the Holy Prophet (s) were: reforming and training righteous people committed to the cause of Islam; to enhance the level of awareness and insight of the early converts to Islam; promoting good conduct and the spiritual personality of the Holy Prophet (s); patience, perseverance and resistance in the face of difficulties and obstacles; revealing the Holy Qur’an, the miracle of the Holy Prophet (s); communicating and dialogue with the opponents; conforming his actions with his speech; focusing on the aim and accuracy in planning; creating devoted manpower out of the youth in Mecca; and seeking assistance from Allah (s) to overcome the obstacles.


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