Message of Thaqalayn

A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies

Lady Fatima’s Role and Influence on Muslim Society

The present article is a collection of ideas and opinions on Lady Fatima’s influence in society and the reasons behind her impact in history gathered from the words of three scholars: Mahmoud Taqizadeh Dawari, Ali Akbar Reshad, and Dr. Ahmed Beheshti. She was titled Abundance (Kawthar) as she performed a great service to society through her virtues which quenched the thirst of society throughout history. Lady Fatima is known for her merits, noble traits, and accomplishments. She upheld the role of being a considerate daughter, a devoted wife, an affectionate mother, and a concerned educator for the community of Muslim women.  As her father was the best exemplar for the human race, she was the ideal woman as she served as the most perfect example for Muslim women. 


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