Message of Thaqalayn

A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies

Understanding God's Mercy, Part VI

In the previous part, we studied the role of God’s mercy in aiding mankind through sending messages of guidance from Prophets Noah and Salih, as well as sending books of guidance such as the Torah and the Qur’an. We also studied the ways God supports human beings through His mercy, which includes protecting people from following Satan, from the plots of enemies to misguide them and from the tempting soul. We also looked at the role of divine mercy in the purification of the soul and preventing people from despair as His mercy is far greater than people’s sins. In this part, we will explore the different types and levels of divine forgiveness and understand how God may even transform one’s immoral deeds into good ones. Afterwards, we will refer to people’s response to divine mercy and finally examine how those who practice patience receive additional mercy from God.                       


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