Message of Thaqalayn

A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies

Characteristics and Virtues of Umm ul-Banin

Fatima bint Hazam, or Umm ul-Banin, was known for her noble lineage, upright morals, and enduring devotion toward the Ahl ul-Bayt.  After having been wed to Imam Ali (a) and raising his children after the death of his first wife, Lady Fatima (a), she displayed excellence in her responsibilities as a wife and mother of the orphaned children. She favoured the Imam’s children over her own, and this was especially seen as she was more grieved upon the news of Imam Husein’s martyrdom than of the death of her own four sons who were martyred with him.  It was after the tragedy of Karbala that Umm ul-Banin undertook the role of publicizing the event, conveying the message of the noble martyrs, and perpetuating the path of Imamate through her sermons, elegies, and lamentation. 


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