Message of Thaqalayn

A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies

Understanding God's Mercy, Part IV

In the previous part of this series, the qualities of God, such as His kindness, forgiveness, knowledge, and richness were explained in addition to the assured All-embracing mercy He has made incumbent on Himself, especially for those who qualify to receive it in their spiritual path.  In this part, we will study the role of God’s mercy as seen in the Qur’an in making various arrangements for our survival and convenience on Earth, such as creating the stars, maintaining the sky, and delivering us from misfortunes. God’s mercy also plays a part in human guidance as He sent humankind messengers with the impeccable qualities of empathy and gentleness.  Indeed, God has provided humanity with infinite blessings in all aspects of their lives; it is our duty to appreciate and use them wisely in order to gain His pleasure and ultimately emerge as His vicegerents.



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