Message of Thaqalayn

A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies

A Glimpse of the Character Traits of the Prophet Muhammad, Part I

In this paper, Ayatollah Sayyid Abu’l-Fadl Mujtahid Zanjani reviews the life and conduct of Prophet Muhammad in a scholarly manner. The paper first appeared in Farsi under the title ‘Gush-i’i az Akhlāq-i Muhammad’ (‘A Glimpse of the Character Traits of the Prophet Muhammad’) in the book Muhammad Khātam-i Payāmbarān (Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets), Husayniyyah-i Irshad, Tehran, 1347/1968, published to commemorate the 1400th anniversary according to the lunar calendar of the prophecy of Muhammad (blessings be upon him and his household). The paper is translated from Farsi into English by Dr Karim Aghili. This translation was first published in Apostle of God, edited by Mohammad Ali Shomali, Islamic Centre of England, London, 2009 and now is being republished with slight changes. 


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