Message of Thaqalayn

A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies

Shi'ite Authorities in the Age of Minor Occultation

In this paper, Huj. Ali Naghi Zabihzadeh studies the personality and role of two great Shi‘a jurisprudents who led the community during the Age of Occultation (260 -329 A.H) i.e. Ali ibn Bābiwayh Qummī and Muhammad ibn Ya‘qūb Kulayni. This paper is based on the second chapter of Marja‘iyyat wa Siyāsat, vol. 1, published in Qum in 2005 by the Imam Khomeini Education & Research Institute. This paper is translated from Farsi into English for the Message of Thaqalayn by Hamideh Farajian.


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