Message of Thaqalayn

A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies

Table of Contents

Volume 12, Number 3, Autumn 1433/2011


Understanding God's Mercy, Part IV   (Full Text - Abstract

Mohammad Ali Shomali

Islamic Understanding of Prayer   (Full Text - Abstract)

Fatemeh Nazari                                         

History of the Shi'a in the Time of Imam Sajjad (a), Part I   (Full Text - Abstract)

Sayyid Ahmad Reza Khizri et al.

Mourning for Imam Husayn (a) and its Outcomes    (Full Text - Abstract)

Mahnaz Heydarpour

Reflections on Ashura-oriented Literature    (Full Text - Abstract)

Mohammad Reza Fakhr Rohani

Exemplary Women: Lady Umm ul-Banin    (Full Text - Abstract)

Abdulkarim Paknia

Imamate and Wilayah, Part II    (Full Text - Abstract)


Mohammad Ali Shomali